A short film about a woman’s heroic decision to take control of the end of her life and the unexpected challenges it creates for her caregiver husband. This unprecedented look at a person’s final weeks sheds light not only on alternative possibilities for end of life but also on the need for society to provide support for the caregivers.


Kevin Gordon (Producer/Director/Editor) The child of Jewish immigrants from apartheid South Africa, Kevin began his career in international human rights work before returning to his first love, documentary storytelling, as an alternative tool for change. After completing his MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University, Kevin won awards at film festivals around the world, was selected for the “Filmmakers of Tomorrow” program at the Telluride Film Festival, and earned a Student Academy Award® for his film Dreams Awake. He has produced projects for PBS, Discovery, and The New York Times Op­Docs. His first feature­length film True Son premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and was sold to Fusion TV.




Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter MD, MPH ­(Producer/Director) ­A national advocate for transforming the way people die in America, Jessica is Harvard and UCSF­trained to practice the unusual combination of Critical and Palliative Care medicine. She works as an Attending Physician at a public hospital in Oakland, California. Dr. Zitter is the author of the newly released Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times and her articles have appeared in The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Washington Post and many other publications.

Website: sub64films.com