Divine Deviance is an exciting new documentary film and web series by, about, and for the Kink/BDSM/Fetish communities, showcasing the diversity of human sexuality and the creation of alternative families. To our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive documentary project that takes an in-depth look at Kink / BDSM / Fetish globally and is neither exploitative nor speculative but honest and truthful. 

Divine Deviance is a 7-part series, unlike a typical documentary film. Each segment includes a lively roundtable discussion focusing on a specific theme relevant to Kink/BDSM/Fetish in the 21st Century and featuring a diverse group of notables from around the world. This intro segues into a deeper “fly-on- the-wall” documentation of the same theme following one or two people from the roundtable. Each chapter or episode (consisting of “introduction” plus “individual story”) runs from 30-40 minutes - except for the first one about the History of Kink, which will be significantly longer. The additional 6 episodes will cover questions of Race, Gender, Spirituality, Body, Mainstreaming and Age. The various chapters can be viewed separately, but multiple components can also be combined into a longer piece. The beauty of this approach is that we can produce the series incrementally and the audience can view selectively—picking an assortment of segments that will suit their interests. 

A landmark film project unlike anything the world has seen before, helmed by a group of award-winning Kink/BDSM/Fetish leaders and award winning filmmakers – that is Divine Deviance.


Race Bannon (Co-Executive Producer) A longtime organizer, writer, educator, speaker and activist in the LGBT, leather/kink, polyamory and HIV/STI prevention. He has authored two books, been published extensively, and spoken to hundreds of audiences. He created the world’s largest kink-friendly psychotherapist and medical referral service and led The DSM Project that helped change how psychotherapy viewed BDSM. Race also founded a groundbreaking alternative sexuality publishing company, was an internet radio sex talk show host, received national and local awards, appeared in numerous documentaries, and currently writes for the Bay Area Reporter.

Jörg Fockele (Co-Executive Producer/Director) A critically acclaimed filmmaker, executive producer and TV director/producer of shows such as Bravo’s “Queer Eye,” ABC ’s “Wife Swap,” MTV’s “Savage U” and AMC’s “Small Town Security.” In addition, Jörg has written and directed 10+ short films, 4 feature documentaries and numerous music videos and PSAs – among them “Ritual,” an award-winning short about the Sun Dance Hooking ritual and the interview series “Unsung Heroes – The Leather/Kink community’s fight against AIDS.”

Lola De Milo (Co-Executive Producer) A German systemic sexual therapist and relationship coach with 20+ years of kink and BDSM activities, activism and social engagement under her belt. She has been engaged in various projects from the organization of a charity Pin-Up calendar series to appearances on different TV and radio shows to 6+ years of PR as a board member of Europe’s oldest registered association of kinksters, SMart Rhein-Ruhr e.V., and 2 years on the board of the German Society of Social-Scientific Sexuality Research e.V.

Adam Ouderkirk (Co-Executive Producer) An organizer and activist in the LGBTQ and HIV/STI service communities since 1981, working to expand freedom and sexual expression for all. Combining passions, he’s been able to use his arts and design background to broaden access and acceptance, through innovative, inclusive programming in connection with healthcare and prevention services, and ongoing devotion to creative, alternative exploration.

Marc Smolowitz (Co-Executive Producer) A multi-award winning director, producer and executive producer with 25+ years of experience across all aspects of the entertainment and media business. His career focus has been on powerful social issue filmmaking across all genres. His long list of credits includes films that have screened at top-tier festivals Sundance, Berlinale, AFI Docs, IDFA, Tokyo, Melbourne, among others—and been released worldwide.

Beatrice Stonebanks (Co-Executive Producer) Member of the Francisco BDSM scene for 20 years who lives in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship as the Loving Dominant. Beatrice also has 25 years’ experience working with leadership teams around the world increasing revenues as a Business Development Specialist; she knows what works and what doesn’t work, both in the boardroom and in the dungeon. Beatrice is the Coordinator for US nonprofit, Society of Janus. She is a Feminine Dominant, a published author, an award-winning speaker and a community outreach leader.

Website: www.divinedeviance.com