“El Signo Vacio (The Empty Sign)” directed by Kathryn Ramey

Monday, May 20th at 7pm

Using educational, touristic, and military media/artifacts from the United States alongside contemporary voices, images and sounds from Puerto Rico, this cinematic essay interrogates the 120-year US occupation of Puerto Rico to reveal how US democratic narratives effectively obscure her capitalist/military domination of the island(s).

ABOUT THE FILMMAKER: Kathryn Ramey is a filmmaker and anthropologist whose work draws on the experimental processes of both disciplines. She has published numerous essays and has exhibited her work internationally. She is an associate professor at Emerson College in Boston, MA, USA. In 2015, she received a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship.


“ACTIVIZED (working title)” directed by Eric Stange

Wednesday, March 27th at 6:30pm

ACTIVIZED (working title) profiles a handful of ordinary Americans who have surprised themselves by becoming political activists. The subjects of this film are newcomers to the political arena; people who never saw themselves as rabble-rousers or trouble-makers. But something in the past two years inspired each of them to step up, put themselves on the front lines, and make a decision to defend American values and democratic institutions they believe are under threat. 

The half dozen characters in this film are everyday people, not politicians or celebrities. Some are young -- one is 17 —others are middle-aged. They come from various backgrounds and regions. By interweaving their personal stories against the backdrop of their chosen causes – gun control, immigration rights, voting rights – this film explores the motivations, the successes and failures, the sacrifices, and most of all the contributions of this small sample of Americans who are practicing what has been labeled “constructive patriotism.”

ABOUT THE FILMMAKER: Eric Stange, executive producer and founder of Spy Pond Productions, is an award-winning independent documentary film producer, director and writer who specializes in history and science subjects. His work has been broadcast on PBS, The Discovery Channel, and the BBC. Before becoming a filmmaker he wrote about art and culture for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic Monthly and other publications. Eric has been the recipient of a Harvard University Charles Warren Fellowship in American History. He's on the board of Common-Place, a web site devoted to early American history, and writes a column about media and history for American Heritage magazine.