Ana  Gutiérrez Salgado

Ana Gutiérrez Salgado is a Mexican documentary filmmaker. She completed her undergraduate degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and received a post-graduate degree in Documentary Film from the Documentary Film School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ana’s documentary productions and collaborations examine diverse social issues of her country, from an ex-convict’s reflections on a society that rejects and stigmatizes them, to the history of the lesbian feminist movement in Mexico. Since 2015 she has collaborated on different projects generated by the women’s collective La Sandía Digital. She has helped produce documentaries such as ERA YO, OTRA VEZ and ABORTO Y PUNTO, whose scripts were developed and inspired by conversation and workshops with abortion-seeking people of various generations. Since 2018 Ana has been the director and editor of the Marea Verde’s videos for social media, working together with abortion activists and visual artists who dedicate their work to combating abortion stigma in Mexico. Ana’s desire to engage in the debate around the legalization of abortion is motivated by necessity. She finds it unacceptable that abortion continues to be taboo, that it cannot be talked about at the dinner table, that religion and the state are not separate, that Mexican society is one where women’s bodies continue to be objectivized and men make decisions about women’s bodies. Ana doesn’t want anyone else making decisions about her body and she demands transformative change of the patriarchal system that she was educated and raised in.