Anne Makepeace

Anne Makepeace has been a writer, producer, and director of award-winning independent films for more than 20 years. After years of working in the narrative feature world, Makepeace made her first documentary, BABY, IT’S YOU, in 1998. An intimate personal film that explores the world of fertility intervention through the lens of her own experiences, BABY, IT’S YOU premiered at Sundance 1998, was the lead show on POV’s 1998 season, and was also screened as part of the Whitney Biennial 2000. Her films include WE STILL LIVE HERE – AS NUTAYUNEAN, I.M. PEI: BUILDING CHINA MODERN, RAIN IN A DRY LAND for POV, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: CLOSE TO HOME, and COMING TO LIGHT. Makepeace also wrote the screenplay for the successful THOUSAND PIECES OF GOLD, and the American Experience documentary ISHI, THE LAST YAHI. In addition to many festivals, her films have been screened at the Whitney Biennial, the Smithsonian, the Musée de l’Homme, the Museum of the American Indian, and many other museums, schools, colleges, and movie theaters around the country. Her work has been funded by the Pulitzer Foundation, the Sundance Documentary Fund, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, ITVS, the NEA, the NEH, the Ford Foundation, American Masters, Showtime Networks Inc., HBO, A&E, and the American Film Institute.