Augusto Zegarra

Augusto Zegarra has a Bachelor’s degree in film and media arts from the University of Utah. He participated in the 2012 Sundance New Directors/New Screenwriters Lab as a PA/Boom operator. He became a grantee from the DFP from Sundance in 2020. His first short
film, “Wiñaymanta”, won the Ministry of Culture National Prize for Best Short Films in 2014. In 2015 the film won an honorable mention in Filmcorto, the Short Film section of the Festival de Lima. In 2017, Zegarra started research on his upcoming documentary and first feature-length film, “Hakuchu Munayta: Searching for Disney.” In 2018 he received a grant from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and began production in 2019. He also participated in the 2020 DocsBarcelona Industry Market.