Baldwin Chiu

Baldwin Chiu is an award-winning film producer and hip hop artist. His family are the subjects of the documentary, FAR EAST DEEP SOUTH, about Chinese in the Mississippi Delta during the Jim Crow and Chinese Exclusion era. His family’s story has garnered national attention from NBC News, PBS, The Boston Globe and other media outlets. Chiu was also featured in the CBS News documentary REVERB: BEING DIFFERENT IN THE DELTA. Chiu received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Sacramento State University and later graduated from the Act One film producing program. With his wife, Larissa Lam, Baldwin co-founded Giant Flashlight Media, which produces content that educates and empowers. For his work documenting the Chinese American experience, he received a special award at the Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association 150th Anniversary Golden Spike Conference. Chiu is also a rapper and beatboxer known by his MC name, Only Won, and has gained recognition for his witty viral videos, 12 DAYS OF DIM SUM and ASIAN AMERICANS MAKE HISTORY. As a professionally licensed engineer, he was previously a spokesperson for the Intel/White House campaign, “Stay With It,” under the Obama administration promoting careers in engineering through music, digital media and speaking engagements.