Brian Kallies

Brian began his career at WTTW Public Television, where he worked on the acclaimed documentary anthology series CHICAGO STORIES and the highly rated feature documentaries The New River Tour and Seven Wonders of Chicago.

Brian co-produced, shot and edited the Showtime comedy documentary, PHUNNY BUSINESS, which received critical acclaim from The NY Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Onion, and The Guardian.  Legendary movie critic Roger Ebert called it, “one of the best documentaries of the year”. Brian directed and produced the environmental doc Everglades of the North, which inspired a National Wildlife Refuge and water trail; and edited Shifting Sands, a doc that directly influenced the creation of the Indiana Dunes National Park in 2019.

He produced and edited the festival hit roadtrip documentary, THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY, narrated by Oscar© winner John Ridley. Brian’s two Emmy© Award winning WWII documentaries, both narrated by Bill Kurtis, HEROES ON DECK and A CITY AT WAR have been screened around the globe.

In addition to making independent documentaries, Brian has edited and produced docs and docuseries for History, HBO Max, Discovery+, HBO Documentaries, Apple+ and other networks with a variety of production companies. He is currently in post-production on HOLDING PATTERN, a David and Goliath doc about a controversial airport project. Brian lives in Los Angeles with his wife and small menagerie.