Charles Fairbanks

Charles Fairbanks is a filmmaker, wrestler and Guggenheim fellow who makes artful documentaries in Mexico (where he lives) and in the USA (where he grew up). His films have shown on POV and at Art of the Real, Oberhausen, CPH:DOX, Slamdance, Visions du Réel and hundreds of festivals across six continents. His first feature The Modern Jungle, co-directed with Native Zoque artist Saúl Kak in Chiapas, won Best Documentary at Présence Autochtone: the First Nations Festival of Montreal, as well as jury prizes at Slamdance and Athens. It was selected by multiple critics as one of the top 5 Latino films of 2016. Their latest film (((((/*\))))) aka Echoes of the Volcano has won five awards in four countries as it screens around the world. SHE WRESTLES is Fairbanks’s second feature, but his fifth film about wrestling.