Claudia Chavez

Claudia Chavez is a Peruvian producer with more than seven years of experience producing content for different formats. She has been the producer of the short film THE CATCH by director Thais Drassinower, which premiered at the Tribeca Festival. She is the producer of HAKUCHU MUNAYTA, a post-production documentary by Augusto Zegarra, a winning project from the Ministry of Culture of Peru and the Sundance Documentary Fund. In addition, she is the producer of the documentary LITICA by director Romina Ortega, currently in the pre-production stage and which has won the production fund of the Ministry of Culture of Peru and has been selected in the Co-production forum of the Guadalajara International Film Festival. With her film projects, she has been selected in training spaces such as the DocsBarcelona Campus, ChileConecta and the Producer Summit Lab at Sundance.