Cynthia McKeown

Cynthia McKeown is a Boston-based, award-winning filmmaker whose first feature documentary, ONE IN EIGHT: JANICE’S JOURNEY, follows one young woman’s journey through breast cancer and her search to understand the causes of the growing incidence of cancer in her native Long Island, NY community. JANICE’S JOURNEY was broadcast internationally on The Discovery Channel and won top honors at several film festivals.

Ms. McKeown is a former producer/director at WGBH television and was associate director of digital communications at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where she managed the first-ever Forum on Cancer and the Environment to help cancer clinicians and researchers gain a broader understanding of the role of chemicals in the development of cancer.

Her most recent documentary, UNACCEPTABLE RISK: DR. MARGARET KRIPKE ON CANCER AND THE ENVIRONMENT tells the story of a prominent cancer researcher who rethinks her assumptions about the causes of cancer and the influence of toxic chemicals in our everyday environment. Released in 2021, UNACCEPTABLE RISK has had virtual and in-person screenings and was selected for screening by the 2022 World Cancer Congress cinema program and the 2021 American Public Health Association annual conference.