David Gaynes

David Gaynes is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with three critically-praised features in distribution. His work focuses on ordinary people amid extraordinary circumstance. His uniquely cinematic work is distinguished by its earnestness and reverence. NEXT YEAR JERUSALEM (2014, Netflix / First Run Features) follows a group of frail, elderly nursing home residents on the last trip of their lives. SAVING HUBBLE (2012, Hulu / Cinema Purgatorio) is the story of the Hubble Space Telescope’s near-death and surprise rebirth. KEEPER OF THE KOHN (2005, Hulu / SnagFilms) examines the relationship between an older, autistic man and his terminally ill friend. David was one of 30 filmmakers from around the world invited to contribute a short segment to the collage documentary SACRED (2017, WNET/PBS) by Academy Award winning director Thomas Lennon. David is a working cinematographer and editor, having collaborated on dozens of documentary films over the past twenty years.