Davide Fiore

Davide Fiore, a native to Torino, Italy, is known for his work directing and editing in Italy’s fashion and advertising industry. Davide’s career began filming music videos working alongside major Italian music labels, singers, and D.J.’s. whereupon he discovered the idea for his first documentary. Davide directed his first documentary titled JUST US in 2014, a film about the story of two Italian DJs, which gained worldwide distribution. With this success, Davide moved to Germany in 2016 and in the meantime he worked as video editor for the British TV show THE IT FACTOR, broadcasted by London Live. Davide’s additional artistic outlets include I’VE ALREADY SEEN IT SOMEWHERE, a photo exhibition on New York movie locations which has been hosted in Torino, Roma, and Miami and published by Vogue Italia as well as serving as a Jury member for the Miami Independent Film Festival ongoing since 2015.