Diane Markrow

Diane Markrow is a Boulder based filmmaker with two documentaries in production about provocative writers.
Her prior work includes: producer, BEAUTIFULLY SCARY (2016); producer, BAY OF ALL SAINTS (Audience Award at SXSW & Woods Hole, 2012); executive producer, RICKY ON LEACOCK (Telluride, 2010); producer NO BIGGER THAN A MINUTE (POV, 2006); producer, BUKOWSKI: BORN INTO THIS (Sundance, 2003; Magnolia Pictures, 2004); production executive, THE SOURCE: THE STORY OF THE BEATS AND THE BEAT GENERATION (Sundance, 1999; American Masters, 2001); production executive, EVERYTHING HAS A SPIRIT (Sundance, 1994); executive producer, TIERRA O MUERTE (duPont-Columbia Award, 1992); executive producer, STORIES OF ELYRIA (BBC co-production, Emmy award recipient, 1992).