Dorothy Dickie

Dorothy Dickie is an award-winning producer/director of documentaries, series and digital shorts. Her work has been recognized with numerous Emmy nominations, three Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award. UNDER THE GROUND: THE STORY OF LIBERATION NEWS SERVICE, her first feature-length independent documentary with her Ottawa, Canada-based 5th Girl Films Inc. for which she produced, filmed and edited was recognized with a 2022 Public Media Award for Best Cultural Documentary and at the 2022 Santa Barbara Film Awards, the film earned her Best Female Director. Her film, THE X FACTOR: WOMEN IN NEW ENGLAND POLITICS was selected at three film festivals in 2021. Her most recent documentary is called BREAKING GOOD: WOMEN AND THE WAR ON DRUGS about the alarming incarceration rate of U.S. women since the war on drugs was declared in the 1980s for which she won Best Female Director at the 2022 San Diego Art Film Fest Awards.