Ewan Duarte

Ewan Duarte is a documentary filmmaker, writer, artist, and mental health therapist. Ewan’s most recent feature length documentary, QUEERING YOGA is currently on the film festival circuit and has screened in the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Bangalore LGBTQ Film Festival, Seattle Queer Film Festival, San Francisco Queer Film Festival, Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival, and Santa Fe Film Festival. QUEERING YOGA will be distributed through Porter & Craig Media. Ewan’s previous award-winning documentary films are: CHANGE OVER TIME, and SPIRAL TRANSITION. Ewan Duarte is a published writer and has published articles and art pieces in anthologies, online, and in print. Ewan holds his MFA from San Francisco State University and his MSW from California State University Fresno. Ewan is a Fulbright student Alumnus. Ewan is passionate about social justice, human rights, trans and gender expansive rights, and LGBQ rights. Ewan’s documentaries focus on transgender, queer, and LGBTQ subject matter that reach universal appeal and understanding through shared human connection while also discussing differences aligned to individual and community identities. Ewan appreciates CID’s fiscal sponsorship and support of QUEERING YOGA the documentary and all of the films that CID supports.