Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett is a designer, producer, educator, and researcher in the field of sustainability in arts and culture. He is the director of the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts and Associate Professor of Ecological Design for Performance at York University, where he is Graduate Program Director for Theatre and Performance Studies. He is also producer for Toasterlab, a mixed reality performance collective. He maintains a design practice focused on ecology, accessible technologies, and scenography. Notable projects with Toasterlab include the VR components for THE RIGHT WAY at the Venice Biennale, Orestes with Tarragon Theatre, production for the CAPTAIN ME interactive series for children, and place-based XR experiences and immersive shows, including FROM WEEDS WE GROW, TRANSMISSION, VIRTUAL PARKWAY FOREST PARK, and GROUNDWORKS. Notable projects related to EcoScenography include the set and energy systems for Zata Omm’s Vox:Lumen at the Harbourfront Centre and Crimson Collective’s Ascension, a solar 150’ wide crane at Coachella in 2010. He is a graduate of Rice University and CalArts.