J.P. Dobrin
J.P. Dobrin is a multiracial Korean American documentary filmmaker based in San Jose, California. He’s a two-time Emmy nominated producer/director of photography that frequently works with news outlets, documentary production companies, and corporate clients. J.P.’s projects have revolved around themes of immigration, wealth disparity, and criminal justice, often portrayed through the experiences of ordinary individuals. Notably, he co-directed the Al Jazeera Witness documentary IRSE – LEAVING VENEZUELA in 2020, delving into the Venezuelan exodus by focusing on the narratives of two expectant women. In 2022, he directed THE LOOKOUT, his latest film presented on World Channel/PBS, offering an Asian American outlook on deportation issues. His directorial work has been supported by SFFILM, the Berkeley Film Foundation, the Center for Asian American Media, the Video Consortium, and the Asian American Journalist Association. He’s been commissioned to make documentaries for Verizon, Capital One, Voice of America, and Vox / Eater. His educational journey led him to study photojournalism at the Academy of Art San Francisco before pursuing documentary filmmaking at U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.