Jennifer Abod

Jennifer Lynn Abod, Ph.D. Intercultural Media Education and Women’s Studies Abod is an award winning video and audio documentarian. She was a radio broadcaster and producer on commercial, public and community radio for 19 years. THE PASSIONATE PURSUITS OF ANGELA BOWEN, (WMM, @Vimeo on Demand), THE EDGE OF EACH OTHERS BATTLES: THE VISION OF AUDRE LORDE, (WMM) LOOK US IN THE EYE: THE OLD WOMEN’S PROJECT, (Aquarius, She published OUT OF THE BLUE: ALETA’ STORIES; by Angela Bowen, (Amazon). Dr. Abod taught in the Departments of Communication at Worcester State, and Hofstra University, and Women’s Studies, UMass Boston and Cal State Long Beach. She was a Media specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation. Abod was the first woman in Connecticut to host a nightly AM radio talk show, THE JENNIFER ABOD SHOW, WELI-AM. She was a singer and songwriter in the New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band (1970-1976).