Ken Paul Rosenthal

Ken Paul Rosenthal makes lyrical, character-driven documentary films that explore the intersection of art, madness, and the spectrum of difference. These stories of trauma, healing, and redemption are presented against a backdrop of urban and natural landscapes, re-authored home movies, archival mental hygiene films, and animated text. Ken’s work has screened widely at national and international film festivals and venues. He is the recipient of numerous festival awards, a Kodak Cinematography Award, a University Film & Video Association Award, a Jewish Film Institute Filmmaker Residency, a LABA BAY Artist Fellowship, and a California Humanities Documentary Project Grant. His Mad Dance Mental Health Film Trilogy circulates in over 350 academic and public libraries, screened at 73 film festivals, and has been presented in person at hundreds of universities, mental health symposia, peer support networks, and community events worldwide.