Lajwanti P.  Waghray

Lajwanti P. Waghray, who received Milwaukee Film’s 2022 Brico Fund and Marquette’s 2022-23 Emerging Filmmaker Fellowship, is currently producing ARTHUR BYAS, which examines how a racialized justice system affects the lives of Black Americans. Also in process is SEARCHING FOR SPARROWS, a feature-length documentary about four citizens finding solutions to the loss of bird habitats in Hyderabad, India, due to rapid urbanization.

Other projects include: TOGETHER, ALONE (2020), which recounts one doctor’s isolation at home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; ON HANDS (2018), a 75-minute non-linear narrative, for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries; and SLEEPOVERS (2012), a 53-minute retrospective documenting the coming of age of four suburban Milwaukee girls over 10 years. Waghray also volunteers for a domestic violence agency and is on the board of Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee.