llko Davidov

llko Davidov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where, as a teenager he was involved with the local rock scene, and started making documentaries and music videos, which resulted in him being arrested numerous times, and accused of subversive, anti-Communist activities. At 23, he immigrated to the United States seeking political asylum.

He completed his film degree at Columbia College Chicago, and started his career in documentary filmmaking at Kartemquin Films Davidov has produced and edited award-winning documentaries, such as SACRED SOUNDS (2000), a feature documentary about world sacred music; ABOUT FACE (2005), a feature documentary about German and Austrian Jewish refugees who fought in the Second World War; producer and director of CHILDREN IN EXILE (2007), a film on the children exiled to the Soviet Gulag prison camps. Most recently, the documentary WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: A MAN WITHIN, on the beat writer, which Davidov co-produced and edited, has been distributed theatrically and broadcast across the world. His work as a producer/editor for HOW TO PUNK A REVOLUTION received audience award at the Berlin Film Festival where it won an audience award a Felix Award for Best Documentary, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, 2017. He was also the co-director for the film NELSON ALGREN: THE END IS NOTHING, THE ROAD IS ALL.