Louise Rubacky

Louise Rubacky has over 30 years of experience in non-fiction and fiction filmmaking. Having begun her film career in editing, she has helped shape stories in all genres for many directors, including Jean-Jacques Annaud, Francis Coppola, and George Lucas. She co-wrote, produced, and edited the 2013 independent feature THE CHEROKEE WORD FOR WATER, a drama about Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Rubacky also wrote and co-directed the documentary THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT W, about the failed promises and policies of the Bush Administration, among other documentary pieces. Later work includes producing and editing H-E-L-L-O, an award winning short dramatic film, and editing ODE, a documentary about the first volunteer to die while serving in the Peace Corps. Additionally, she wrote book and cultural reviews for Truthdig and has contributed to Inside Climate News. Most recently she has been editing A DOUBLE LIFE, a documentary about the lawyer Stephen Bingham.