Mohammad Reza Eyni
Mohammad Reza Eyni is a director, producer, and DP, who works independently on socially relevant topics. As the co-founder of Gandom Films Production L.L.C., Mohammad Reza has produced and directed international films, such as his co-directing contribution on a feature-length documentary, CONVERGENCE, a Netflix Original, which received a 2022 Emmy nomination. A recent Sundance film Institute grantee, Mohammad Reza’s co-directed short, OUR IRANIAN LOCKDOWN, featured on the Guardian, was nominated for IDA Awards. His recent collaboration as a writer and producer on a fiction film has recently been developed at HFPA and Film Independent. Mohammad Reza’s recent documentary feature, CUTTING THROUGH ROCKS, currently in production, has received support from Sundance film institute, Bertha Foundation, Firelight Media, as well as IDFA, among others. Mohammad Reza is a Tribeca (TFI) alumnus and graduated with an MFA in cinema from Tehran University of Fine Arts. Mohammad Reza Resides between Iran and the States.