Rajal Pitroda

Rajal Pitroda is a producer of fiction and non-fiction films. She is a Women at Sundance Fellow, a Sundance Creative Producing Fellow and an Impact Partners Producers Fellow. Rajal most recently produced DOWN A DARK STAIRWELL, a feature documentary that premiered at the 2020 True/False Film Festival and was broadcast on Independent Lens. Her work has been supported by Black Public Media, Firelight Media, Chicken and Egg Pictures, the Tribeca Film Institute, SFFILM and others. Prior to producing, Rajal was the Founder/CEO of Cinevention, a media company focused on marketing and distribution, where she designed and executed distribution strategies for feature films. Rajal started her career in film working in international marketing for Bollywood movies based in Mumbai. She has a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA from London Business School.