Sarah McClure

After a stint as a video producer at The Wall Street Journal, director Sarah McClure began looking into cases of Amish sexual assault in 2018. She first interacted with Amish women in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where her husband grew up. During a private gathering of Amish women sexual assault survivors in a church basement, Sarah heard firsthand accounts of rape and incest within Amish Country and learned of a widespread coverup by the Amish church. She has pursued this story with the support of survivors. Sarah is a Mexican-American investigative journalist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She has worked for The Wall Street Journal, Type Investigations, Fusion, Univision, Center for Investigative Reporting, Agence France- Presse and The New York Times. Her films include Radicals Rising, Frat Power (Netflix) and the Emmy-nominated Prison Kids. In Plain Sight is her directorial debut.