Sarah McClure

In 2018, director Sarah McClure left The Wall Street Journal and began looking into Amish sexual assault cases in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where her husband grew up. Sarah met privately with Amish women and heard their firsthand accounts of rape and incest happening inside Amish communities. Sarah’s access and connection to the film and its subjects are significantly shaped by her years of reporting on sexual abuse stories while developing a unique niche exploring Amish abuse. She has pursued this story with the support of survivors. Sarah is an award-winning Los Angeles-based investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. She has worked for Fusion, Univision, Center for Investigative Reporting, The New York Times, Agence-France Presse, and The Wall Street Journal. Her films include RADICALS RISING (Netflix) about the rise of European white nationalism, FRAT POWER (Netflix) about women whistleblowers confronting fraternity sexual abuse, DEATH BY FENTANYL (Netflix), which earned a DuPont Award, PRISON KIDS (Fusion), which earned an Emmy nomination and was a Livingston Award finalist. KEEP QUIET AND FORGIVE is her directorial debut.