Susan Gray

Susan Gray is the director of Broadcast Development at Northern Light Productions, where she has directed and produced numerous documentary features. An impassioned advocate for social justice, she strives to bring awareness to and spark conversations about serious issues plaguing our society. Her films include: PUBLIC ENEMY, a documentary profiling four former members of the Black Panther Party, that was broadcast on Showtime, throughout Europe, and shown in major film festivals in competition around the world; and ACROSS THE RIVER WITH HEDRICK SMITH, a PBS documentary exploring positive programs in Washington D.C.’s Anacostia neighborhood. She was awarded the Prix Europa, Europe’s highest documentary prize, for a PBS documentary she directed and wrote called Citizen Berlusconi about Silvio Berlusconi, then Italy’s prime minister. Her films have appeared on PBS, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Arte, Showtime, in theaters, and television throughout the world. She co-produced BEYOND THE WALL, a story following an ex-convict’s journey through re-entry; CIRCUS WITHOUT BORDERS, which follows a Guinean and an Inuit circus troupe struggling to overcome the legacy of colonialism in their countries; and Confessions of the Boston Strangler. Susan has an MA in journalism from Columbia University, with a concentration in documentary film, and an MA from the Johns Hopkins School for International Studies with a concentration in Social Change and Development.