Tiśina Ta-till-ium  Parker

Tiśina Ta-till-ium Parker/Native One is a California Indigenous [cis] woman, Indigenous Art Activist, filmmaker, designer, cultural artist. Tiśina is the Granddaughter of Ralph and Julia Parker, daughter of Louis and Patricia Parker. Her people are Yosemite Southern Sierra Miwuk/Kucadikadi Mono Lake Paiute from her Grandfather’s lineage and Kashia Pomo from her Grandmother’s lineage. She descends from a powerful matriarchy of notable California basketmakers including her Grandfather’s Grandmother, Lucy Telles and her Grandmother Julia Parker. Tiśina’s life work is dedicated to Indigenous cultural regeneration through the art of storytelling in film, regalia making, textiles, and community cultural arts activism. Her film projects include CHISHKALE – THE BLESSING OF THE ACORN and FIRE AS MEDICINE (currently in development).