Tom Desch

Tom Desch grew in a small Midwest town where the adjacent parcel of land was a cornfield. Spending his youth on the line between development and open space had an impact on Desch, and much of his work relates to people and their relationship to their environment in some way. In 2016, he helped produce, edit, and write SHIFTING SANDS: ON THE PATH TO SUSTAINABILITY. The film explores the collision of industrial development and environmental activism on Lake Michigan’s South Shore. In 2013, he was part of the production team of EVERGLADES OF THE NORTH: THE STORY OF THE GRAND KANKAKEE MARSH, a PBS documentary about the draining of one of the largest freshwater marshes in North America. Both films have aired on PBS stations across the country and were nominated for Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards. Desch is currently producing two documentaries; THE FIELD and AN AMERICAN HOME, a documentary about the birth of Prairie Style Architecture. When not producing documentaries, he works as a video editor for hire, and he has edited programs for PBS, A&E, and Discovery networks.