Wendy Keeling

Wendy Keeling brings a wealth of experience to the film industry, having made meaningful contributions as a director and producer as well as a film festival organizer.

Notable achievements include winning a Telly Award and many other awards for her films with her production company 7 Mile Bridge Productions. For many years Wendy has been a dedicated professional in the film festival industry, taking on various roles such as Creative Director, Head of Programming, Festival Co-Founder, Film Programmer, Juror, Panelist, and Festival Consultant. Recently she served as Online Public Screening Lead with the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and Event Producer with Sundance Collab reflecting her continued commitment to enhancing the cinematic experience.

Beyond her film endeavors, Wendy is a talented artist, sharing her creations in exhibitions across the United States and abroad. Her ceramic work has found a permanent home in museums, notably in the ceramic collection at the Macon Arts and Science Museum. Wendy Keeling’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted contributions to the arts, both in film and visual expression.