Zoé VanGelder

Zoé VanGelder is a feminist researcher and scholar-advocate who specializes in participatory ethnographic methods. Their research and advocacy are transdisciplinary and examine gender justice, climate change, and democratic governance from a feminist perspective. They center the
lived experiences of humans resisting domination and repression, weaving narratives into their
research as a means of moving policymakers and citizens to work collectively for a more just society. As a Franco-American, queer-identified human, Zoé has always been struck by the vast
discrepancies in attitudes and access to reproductive care in the United States, France, and Mexico.

Witnessing the backsliding of abortion access is scary and moves them to accompany this team of
media-makers as producer and researcher. Zoé’s experience working with a diverse array of feminist civil society actors will help ensure that our documentary delivers unique and contemporary perspectives on the struggle for reproductive justice in the Americas. Besides this
project, their other documentary experience has been producing a short on the Mexican struggle
over GMO corn. They also wrote an article for Dissent on reproductive justice in the US and Mexico.