“For the past two years, I’ve been making a feature documentary film about people who experience their gender as different than simply male or female. They are masculine-identified people who give birth to babies. They are a diverse and complex group of people who are charismatic, funny, thoughtful, and fascinating to watch. They teach the world about non-binary gender just through who they are and how they became themselves.

As a filmmaker, I became interested in this topic because I, myself, am a masculine-of-center-gendered person who gave birth to two beautiful sons. I wanted to explore the complexity of gender through the apparent contradiction of masculine identity and pregnancy.

After a long career as a psychotherapist in private practice, I began a second career as a filmmaker four years ago. Five film festivals selected my first film, a narrative short called THE FIFTH STAGE OF LABOR, which I wrote, directed and edited. Being a filmmaker has given me the opportunity to capture on camera the kind of deep revelations I am used to witnessing in psychotherapy.”