AFROMYSTIC experiments with ritual, the erotic, and gender representation through indigenous Yorùbá spirituality. The film will transform and re-appropriate mythology and desire for Queer, Trans & Gender Non Conforming (GNC) People Of Color ritualistically into images of our own creation for our survival.

The live action and animated film weaves together the real and imagined in “cinematic flux” or hybrid.

Desire/erotic is rooted in love, creative power and harmony. The film will follow practitioners and priest/ess (West African Yorùbá spirituality, Candomblé, Lucumi, Sango Baptist, Vodun) in intimate cinema verité, with stylized interviews, to be dramatically reenacted by performance artists and animated. This work will be in line with artist/activist Marlon T. Riggs Tongues Untied. The hybrid and lyrical documentary of Tongues Untied used scenes of fantasy, performance, testimonies, to affirm the lives of Black gay men and address institutional oppression.