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ALBERT PYUN: KING OF CULT MOVIES takes an intimate look into the career and struggles of director Albert Pyun as he faces the biggest challenge of his life: can he complete his last film, a prequel to his post apocalyptic classic Cyborg before his hallucinations takes over his mind and his declining health takes away his passion for making movies?

Critics have called Albert Pyun the new Ed Wood but  he is increasingly becoming a cult hero to his many fans all over the world who feel his films were way head of their time.  Albert’s only passion in life is filmmaking and he did anything it took to  create his 50 + movies except to buy into the Hollywood system.  He was a maverick, getting fired off his own films. He developed his projects. He was not a hired gun. Albert’s desire to make movies at any cost put his reputation at stake when he partnered with unethical producers including one who was accused of defrauding the government of Guam.  Though Albert’s first film the Sword and the Sorcerer made over 35 million dollars there was a point in his life where he was living out of his car but he was  always able to bounce back and make more films.  Nothing before has ever stopped Albert from  making his movies.

When Albert was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012, he was told it was progressive and within 10 years he would be at a point where he would not know the people around him, including his beloved wife Cynthia.  Albert announced on Facebook to his fans that he was retiring from filmmaking.  It was not before long he realized in order to ward off dementia he had to do what he has done since he was a kid and that was to continue making movies.. Because of his illness Albert is not able to get bonded and could not raise money but this did not stop him. The film community banded together to help him make on last movie and Albert was working during every cognizant moment to beat the clock and finish it.

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