Something’s not right. The number of people suffering from chronic loneliness skyrockets each year. 9 million in the United Kingdom; 43 million in the US; incalculable more worldwide. Media reports claim that as many as 3 out of 4 of us now say we are lonely. In the past decade medical experts have discovered that chronic loneliness and isolation is causing heart disease, inflammation and early cognitive decline. It’s killing us as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It’s a modern epidemic that is spreading rapidly. It affects young people more than old, couples as much as singles; and, connectivity and social media is actually making it worse. At the same time the tech and aging industries encourage us to isolate more.

What is going on?!

ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE discovers the answers in a surprisingly joyful journey through what would normally be a big downer- a rapidly spreading epidemic of loneliness and isolation on our planet.

The film crew discovers a perfect storm of causes, but the cures are revealed by a handful of people from many different walks of life who offer intimate access to their struggles to overcome their own crippling loneliness and isolation. The innovative new programs and practices that they are part of- in some cases- save their lives.

The first step is saying “I’m lonely”.

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