Contact Improvisation is a dance form that is well loved by those who practice it…and virtually unknown to those who do not. In 1972, a dancer named Steve Paxton conceived of contact improv as a dance experiment, defying social norms like “keep your distance” and “stay upright.” 40 years later, contact is a social dance playground and a worldwide subculture. Our feature-length contact improv documentary will explore both the physics and metaphysics of contact. We are aiming for an emotionally honest, truth seeking exploration of contact improv as a physical and mental practice, a source of joy and challenge. We will also meet people for whom it is a way of life and spiritual practice.

Contact improv commands your respect and awareness. It offers abundant communication, touch, play and fun! It is also a deep and joyous opportunity to expand presence and awakeness in a context of touch and movement. As such it can be a practice as profound as meditation, yoga or martial arts. Sanford Lewis has danced contact improv for about 20 years, and has been filming it for 11 of those years. He considers this film a “total labor of love.” He has produced numerous environmentally oriented documentaries including CONTAMINATED WITHOUT CONSENT, BURNING ISSUES IN MEDICAL WASTE and OFF THE BOOKS: ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS. He is also a career public interest lawyer focusing on environment, human rights and shareholder rights.