“BEHIND OUR EYES: THE HUMAN COST OF WAR is one of the most important documentaries being made at this time.” – Ron Kovic, Peace activist, Vietnam War veteran and author of Born on the Fourth of July.

The battle doesn’t end when a soldier returns home, for many it’s just the beginning- this has always been true.

The film explores the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress and moral injury- the emotional and psychological aftermath of war- that often goes undetected, sometimes for decades, and the effects it has on the families. Through the voices of veterans, who served from WWII to present conflicts, these brave men and women share their personal stories, many for the first time, about the devastating issues that have plagued soldiers since the beginning.

BEHIND OUR EYES features the stories of four young Marines from different parts of the country who suffered extreme difficulty transitioning to life back home after combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tragically, they fought the hardest battle of their lives on American soil.

Ultimately, the film is about hope and shares stories of tremendous courage, success and inner healing from veterans who learned to manage and cope with their hidden wounds every day of their lives.

The words, “thank you for your service” is not enough. It rings hollow for many veterans. It is time for every American and politician to truly understand and grasp the full consequences when sending our men and women, our sons and daughters off to conflicts and war.

“There are no good wars or bad wars. There are just wars. All wars exact a price on the health of society at large. Everywhere. What you are doing with this film is an act of healing. It is an act of mercy. It is an act of courage.” – PENNY ROCK, Registered Nurse and Vietnam War Veteran.

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