In Kenya, East Africa the pressure of one’s skin tone has greatly intensified over the past decades, where lightness is favored over darkness, despite the huge percentage of Kenyans who are of dark skin tone. This idea of lightness, speaks directly to the influence of colonial obsession with fair skin, which today has helped to fuel the popularity of skin bleaching products among young people. Most young people in Kenya, like young people all over the world, want to fit it, to be seen as fashionable, stylish, and beautiful to those in their society. For many of these youth, this means having lighter or light skin tone, which has in turn led to a viable marketplace of skin bleaching creams and products. BEING TOO BLACK will first and foremost reflect the state of today’s world – how beauty is measured, defined, and described, and by whom. Sadly, from an African perspective, specifically a Kenyan perspective this reflection is often a sombre one, given the many pressures and the very real injustices to which women are subjected.