BELLY OF THE BEAST tells Cuba’s untold stories. Through hard-hitting journalism and stunning cinematography we inform and inspire, opening eyes and hearts to a country with a unique past and a wide-open future.

There has been a dearth of impactful journalism and documentary filmmaking on Cuba and US-Cuba relations – until now. BELLY OF THE BEAST is filling this void, tackling crucial issues in innovative ways that have educated and energized a wide-ranging, largely young audience. Just as important, BELLY OF THE BEAST’s groundbreaking journalistic model is providing an inspiring example of what a media organization can and should be, not just in Cuba, but anywhere in the world.

In 2021, BELLY OF THE BEAST will be carrying out a multi-part series that tells the inspiring story of how Cuba has become a world leader in the fight against Covid. In addition, BELLY OF THE BEAST will produce and release a documentary about a baseball player who turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars from Major League Baseball to play for his hometown team in Cuba. And we will continue to produce people-focused documentaries on issues that are often misreported, underreported or ignored.

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