BODY OF WORK opens on the NPC (National Fitness Committee) Masters Nationals in Orlando, Florida. Over 600 women come here to compete in several age, height and physique levels after almost a year of constant, disciplined preparation. We flash back to the beginning of that year as our story follows the journey of five female fitness pros to the competitive stage, as well as meeting the coaches, suit makers, and facility owners that get them there. Over the course of the year’s challenges and setbacks, the film looks at the individual journeys of these women. We focus particularly on the aspect of how to pick yourself up and move forward after falling down, including training during the COVID shutdown, and surviving personal struggles.

The monetary returns of fitness competition are few and far between; so why do women devote so much time, money and effort into this sport? Our objective is to use this very specialized pursuit as an analogy universal to all personal endeavors; setting goals, working hard at a strategized plan, overcoming setbacks and obstacles, and finally attaining your goals—or not.