COVENANT is a new documentary exploring the intersection of racism and real estate. From a history of outright exclusion to contemporary inequality, the film poses questions about ongoing racial divides in this country and how real estate has played a key role in those divides, from the earliest arrival of Europeans in the Americas up until today.

Alexis Clements, begin with the personal story of Lakeshire, Missouri, the whites-only town co-founded by Alexis’s grandfather, and from there zoom out to the entire country. The reality is that Lakeshire is similar to countless other communities across the US, and the family histories of many white Americans are populated with individuals who participated in similar efforts.

During this time of deep inequality, breaking down the structures that separate and hold back the vast majority of Americans (including many white Americans), requires an understanding of how the past connects to the present. By understanding the roots of what divides us we can begin to disrupt these unjust cycles.

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