This is a full-length documentary, currently in pre-production, about reproductive rights access on the Mexico-US border. We are focused on elevating the lived experiences of ordinary people, and we will interweave a selection of these stories to highlight the various obstacles—legal, economic, and often absurd—that abortion-seeking women encounter, regardless of which side of the border they find themselves.

About The Collective: En Nepantla, the working title of our film and the name we have adopted for our collective, is a term popularized by Gloria Anzaldúa, the queer Chicana author and activist, to refer to a state of being between multiple worlds, occupying the space in between. Migrants, travelers, and those who live in border communities in the shadow of the wall often find themselves “in Nepantla.” Those of us who feel like we do not belong in a particular way of life, those of us who live in a way that does not conform, who challenge the social or legal status quo—we are also in Nepantla. Our collective’s mission is to tell stories from this place, this in- between, and to not shy away from the nuance found in these limbos, these gray zones.

Photo Credit: Ana Gutiérrez Salgado

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