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Abalone Chronicles: Loss, Connection and Renewal is Every Second Breath’s newest project. Amidst the alarming 97% decline of bull kelp along the stretch from the North Coast of California to Washington State, the Red Abalone has edged close to extinction.  This critical situation forms the backdrop for a compelling narrative, depicting the journey of two individuals: a dedicated sport diver and a Yurok ceremonial dress and regalia maker. Their newly formed friendship and deep connection with this mollusk and its loss serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the discovery of fresh opportunities, and the profound exchange of reciprocity between two individuals. In a world grappling with the increasing impacts of climate change, the plight of California’s abalone serves as a strong lesson, underscoring the delicate interconnection between human existence and the intricate fabric of the natural world.

Film Series: Every Second Breath Project

The ocean produces more than fifty percent of the oxygen we breathe; it is literally the lungs of our planet.  EVERY SECOND BREATH is a series of film shorts that will both enlighten viewers about the crises threatening the health of our ocean and inspire them to become champions of change.

EVERY SECOND BREATH Project is an EMMY® Award winning series that takes viewers on a global journey, introducing citizens of the world who share a strong connection to the ocean. Activists and artists, students and seniors, entrepreneurs and everyday people share stories about the profound influence the ocean has on their lives and their tireless commitment to working for its protection. The films’ narrators lead viewers on journeys of discovery into the sacredness of the ocean, and how unintentional actions are often the cause of grave environmental harm.

Unlike films that focus on educating the public about the science of the oceans and climate change, EVERY SECOND BREATH films personalize what seems like an overwhelming environmental dilemma and asks everyone to share the responsibility for a healthy ocean, and by doing so, not only deepen our connection to the ocean but to each other.

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