Carola Domar was a high-spirited, resourceful individual with generous instincts, caught in a tumultuous time. As a young Jew in Nazi Germany, Carola yearned for social acceptance and for the German identity she once took for granted. She escaped in her teens and came to the U.S. on her own. Carola spent much of her life searching for a specific kind of community–one connected to nature and guided by modernist ideals–and ultimately found it in Concord, MA, a New England town outside Boston. Carola’s story is all the more remarkable for the spirit of forgiveness with which she ultimately came to terms with her past and reconnected with her former homeland.

Carola’s experience is presented as two interwoven narratives drawn from a 1998 USC Shoah Foundation Institute interview of Carola Domar, and a more recent interview undertaken by this filmmaker of her daughter, Alice Domar. The film is conceived as an educational tool, primarily for young people.