FINDING FAMILY: A STORY OF SLAVERY, SEPARATION AND REUNIFICATION recounts the story of a recent African immigrant to the United States who makes the unexpected discovery through DNA that he has hundreds of African American relatives, and embarks with several of them on a journey of hope and reunification to identify their common ancestor. Reuniting with a living relative from Africa, let alone someone as closely related as a fourth cousin, is a concept that generations of African Americans thought unimaginable, in part because the trauma inflicted by slavery so severed their physical, emotional and psychological ties to their culture, continent, and families of origin.

FINDING FAMILY is an observational documentary in which the audience will follow filmmaker Zadi Zokou and his new-found cousins as they search for clues about their common ancestor with the help of a genealogist and historians specializing in African American and African history. Their journey will span the US to Africa, leading to places where their ancestor possibly lived. Finding Family will appeal to anyone who has wondered about their own family story, particularly those from the African Diaspora, and will hopefully inspire Africans and African Americans to reach out to one another, despite 400 years of pain and separation.