FRAMES is a 90-minute documentary that will examine the re-emergence of analog film in the 2020’s and its effects on modern-day photography. The documentary will feature young photographers who choose film for their work in today’s digital world and their reasons for doing so. FRAMES will also feature film experts who will discuss the medium’s history, how its resolution evolved from the daguerreotype to modern celluloid, its 10-year struggle against the rise of the DSLR sensor for image resolution, and the reasons for its apparent comeback in the 21st century digital market.

FRAMES will also examine today’s democratization of photography and the iPhone, the changes it has brought to modern-day image making, the effects — good and bad — that digitization has had on image making, and, perhaps, the ironic role it played in analog film’s rebirth, especially among young photographers. Experts will give their thoughts on this artistic phenomenon and what it means for modern society and the art of tomorrow.

In sum, FRAMES takes a deep dive into the renewed attraction to film photography, showcasing those who seek its time-honored processes and timeless look. It is an artform far removed from the “selfie” speed of the cellphone, one in which the marriage of art and science is practiced with patience, stubbornness and sometimes – in the words of photographer W. Eugene Smith – “a bottle of scotch.”

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