In the poorest county of Mississippi, the village of Glendora, once a thriving boat landing for cotton, lumber and cattle traffic, is now a crumbling shadow of itself. This ”Made in Glendora” collaborative film records an overlooked African-American community of a hundred and fifty souls, and the memories of Elders in an area where generational transmission is scarce in the never-ending cycle of poverty and survival.

The project provides an in-depth insight into different villagers’ thoughts and lives. It is their platform, their voicing and perceptions., while they stand firm in the face of adversity.  In the apparently sedate hamlet, isolated in immense fields and marred by negative perceptions, life goes on with gusto.  Villagers rise above their circumstances, ignore the offenses, and persevere. Their spirit, plights and hopes transcend the stigmas attached to race, poverty and culture.

Music provided by Glendora artist Butchy.

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