GOING HOME TO GLORY recalls a time when the political battles were just as fierce, but one in which those in the arena chose principle over partisanship, valuing citizenship and service to country as among the highest ideals. David Eisenhower and his wife, Julie, lived their lives as children and young adults as direct witnesses to history in the great halls of power and moment. Their first meeting was at the sides of their famous forebears, David as grandson of the President and Julie as the daughter of his Vice-president yet, the course of that history was shaped by and part of the same kinds of family stories we all share: the simple joys, failures and triumphs of family life, of grandfatherly advice on your first car, first girl, on school, career and marriage. Through it all, Ike continued to lead, by action and example, advising JFK, LBJ, and mentoring soon-to-be-President Richard Nixon. Luminaries from Churchill to Nehru traveled to the Gettysburg Farm for his counsel, and the film weaves a tale with an historian’s sense of honesty and truth, through readings from letters and news accounts, archival film and television clips and personal reminiscences, of a once in a lifetime relationship with a loving grandparent who also just happened to be a living legend.