THE DEADLY RISE OF ANTI-SCIENCE (working title) is a feature documentary exploring the life and work of world- renowned vaccine champion and Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Peter Hotez.

A Houston-based physician-scientist, Dr. Hotez has dedicated his life to developing vaccines for some of the world’s most devastating diseases in the world’s poorest countries – including schistosomiasis, Chagas disease, and hookworm. Perhaps his greatest achievement though, the development and distribution of a patent-free COVID-19 vaccine made specifically for underserved and developing countries. To date, his vaccine has found its way to over 80 million people across the world.

But his success in the medical field hasn’t come without its challenges. As a Jewish scientist in the age of misinformation, Dr. Hotez has faced decades of discrimination and hate from anti-vaccine, anti-science, and antisemitic extremists, some of whom have advocated for the prosecution of scientists through Nuremburg-like tribunals. And with the fight for truth and science only escalating in a post-pandemic world, Dr. Hotez refuses to back down, despite threats to both him and his family.

Told against the backdrop of his soon-to-be released book The Deadly Rise of Anti- Science: How Health Freedom Propaganda Endangers the World, this is a story about the unrelenting resilience of one man’s dedication to his life’s mission…saving lives.

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