For the first time ever INVISIBLE JUSTICE examines the life, philosophy and jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas from a black perspective. Judicial scholars, former clerks, historians and political insiders from across the political spectrum dive into his dissents, concurrences and decisions. But far from being a simple check list of his greatest judicial hits, analyzing Thomas becomes a springboard into bigger conversations about race and black political agency. INVISIBLE JUSTICE explores the often overlooked history of conservative values within black communities and asks everyday black folks what’s their take on politics today. Is there common ground between black liberals and black conservatives? When does a black conservative become a Republican? And, given the limited choices inherent in a two party system, how does a diversity of political views coalesce into a political voice that advances the interests of black Americans?

Whether you love him or hate him, Clarence Thomas is American history. His jurisprudence impacts the lives of every citizen and will continue to do so for some time to come. With a white nationalist message coming from the White House, the stakes couldn’t be higher for communities of color, for women, for immigrants and LGBTQ citizens. The fact that a black man on the bench leads the conservative charge only amplifies the tension between a multi-ethnic America demanding equality and white conservatives determined to preserve power at all cost.